Unique Valentines gifts

Unique Valentines gifts

We’ve got some unique and affordable Valentines gifts.

Like most us us, we’re still feeling the pinch of cozzy-livs, so we've compiled our most affordable and thoughtful Valentines gifts that won't break the bank. 

Plus a few ideas for Galantines!  


Tiny Bouquet of Roses in copper

The most affordable bunch red roses you’ll find this Valentines!
Tiny Bouquets are the cutest bunch of flowers. At 8cm tall they easily slip into a Valentine's day card for an extra thoughtful surprise.

Plus, these roses are always in season unlike real roses which generally bloom from late spring.
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Plant Animals 

Elevate a plant or a bouquet by attaching a little golden creature.
Say 'bee mine' with the Bumblebee Plant Animal, or make them smile with their favourite animal. There are over 30 animals to choose from, there will certainly be a creature they’ll love, almost as much as you!
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Brass Bloom Bouquet

A lovely and unique way to send ever-lasting flowers in the post. Brass Blooms are decorative ornaments your Valentine can display in their plants or a vase. Find their favourite flower in the the four available designs.

Hanging Plant Pot - stitch by hand kit (felt included)

For your crafty Valentine, get the hanging planter sewing kit. A cute way to cosy up and bond over a craft project! Suitable for all experience levels. 

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