Our commitment

As a team, we are always looking at ways to limit our impact on the planet and give back to local communities and charities. There are a lot of ways to look and sound ‘environmentally friendly’ but the information on this page is not intended to do that. We want to be transparent about what we do, don’t do, and need to improve on.

We’d love to become a carbon positive company, but we’re aware that the very nature of making our products, and selling them worldwide makes this goal feel somewhat inauthentic, but nevertheless we pledge to work towards this.


Our Products

Recycled Paper
We use 100% recycled paper stock for the packaging of our metal based products, art prints and company stationery. Mostly we use Shiro Echo paper of which the CO2 emissions it generates in the making are fully offset. Using this recycled paper is more sustainable as it uses less energy, water, and of course, less trees.

Plastic Free Compostable Bags
Our products (excluding some pieces that were produced pre 2020) use a very thin clear PLA bag. This is made from plant based material and is 100% biodegradable if composted. For PLA to biodegrade, it should be disposed of with your compost waste, ideally one that goes to an industrial composting site. Our bags can decompose in home composts but they will take much longer. Adding this material to your normal trash bin means it will most likely end up in landfill and therefore will not biodegrade as there is no oxygen or heat to breakdown the material.

We help our stockists display our products in-store by offering a point of sale unit. The unit is made in the UK from folding box board which can be fully recycled.

Care Cards
This product uses virgin stock paperboard that can be recycled. 

Our metal based products are made from brass and stainless steel, materials known for their strength, durability and resistance to corrosion, so our products will last a lifetime. Metals are widely recycled and it’s thought around 85% of steel and brass is reused. We live in a world where metals are used in everything, from cars to computers, kettles to key rings, jewellery to hand bags and in our decorative products. The lifecycle of metal production amongst other things, includes mining, smelting and refining which are not 'environmentally friendly'. 


Shipping & Delivery

Packaging - Reuse, Reduce and Recycle
We only purchase paper and card based packaging (even down to the tape) and given the option, we always choose materials that are recycled. All printed stationery uses 100% recycled paper stock. We make a concerted effort to reuse all packaging that comes into our studio. This may mean you occasionally find bubble wrap or plastic packaging in your order, and whilst we don’t encourage the use of plastics, we do believe reusing these materials is better than them going into landfill.

Carbon Offsetting
Carbon offsetting is a way to compensate our carbon emissions by investing in projects that help the environment and reduce future CO2 emissions. We ship our products worldwide, which is understandably not good for the planet, in 2021-22 we calculated the CO2 emissions of our shipments (from factory to the studio) and will made a corresponding contribution to verified climate protection projects via Earthly.org. For the moment we have paused this as we want to ensure our efforts go to the best causes.



Annual Charity leave
As a company, we offer our permanent employees three days annual Charity leave; paid time off to volunteer for, or donate to a local charity of their choice.

Charity Donations
Since 2021 we give 3% of our annual profits to charitable causes. To date we have support some amazing charities to include:

Ethical Statement
We have a responsibility to our customers, employees, colleagues and suppliers to ensure that the work we do is carried out in an ethical way and under the best possible conditions. This means that all our work is carried out: Lawfully and through fair and honest dealings Without exploitation of the people we employ or deal with Without damaging the environment Under decent, safe and healthy conditions
You can read out full Ethical Statement here

Design Internships - Coming soon!
We want to help support young people get into the creative industries by offering 3 month paid internship roles to designers of the future. The placement will provide an opportunity to see how a creative business runs, develop critical thinking skills, and learn how to design for production and brand marketing purposes.