Pets & Plants - Behind the design

Pets & Plants - Behind the design

I'm Amelia, I worked on our adorable and funny set of Plants and Pets greetings cards! 

It was summertime when I first started working on the initial ideas for the greetings cards. It was a gorgeous golden afternoon in my garden, hanging out with my cat, Rupert, who helped further inspire me. 

another studio sketchbook
I drew up some initial sketches as a starting point, which is my usual process when designing.

When I had a few ideas rolling I drew some more detailed sketches to lay down the concept and figure out the funniest and strongest designs!

another studio sketchbook drawings
Then I started drawing in Adobe Illustrator.

I took some illustrations from our propagation guide, so there is a consistent illustration style through our designs.

another studio drawing

After playing around with the composition and our colour pallet and printing samples, we had four lovely card designs!


The stars of the cards

As you know, we're a huge bunch of pet lovers here so of course our own pets have snuck their way into this collection! 

Obviously the daschund card is inspired by our little man Stanley!

My neighbours beautiful longhair Cookie (queen of naps) is the inspiration for the Calico Cat!

And my mums dog, Rex, is the inspiration behind 'a game of fetch'.


Which card is your favourite? I think we know which one Stanley loves.

weiner dog

Plants & Pets Labrador 'a game of fetch'
lovely lab just really wants to play fetch!

Plants & Pets Calico cat 'nap time'
ever wondered why that plant is not growing…

Plants & Pets Dachshunds 'the dachshund debale'
omg, just chaos. 

Plants & Pets Cat shelf 'double trouble'
this is why we cant have nice things! 
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