Tiny Bouquets: The language of flowers

Tiny Bouquets: The language of flowers

Tiny Bouquets are the cutest bunch of flowers and the latest edition to Another Studio! 

Perfect to post, and easy to gift! There are three beautiful flowers in this new range; Rose, Dahlia and Cosmos, but which flower should you post to your loved ones?


Dahlia ūüĆľ

tiny bouquet of dahlias

Dahlia flowers symbolise strength, commitment, and kindness. Dahlias also symbolise staying graceful, even in high-pressure or challenging situations. They're also tied to steadfastness, likely due to their ability to re-bloom after many other flowers have perished. 

If someone you love is experiencing a tough or stressful time, and could do with a little support send them a Tiny Bouquet of dahlias to brighten their day. 

Symbolises: Strength, commitment, grace and kindness. 
Birth month: August 
Wedding Anniversary: 14th 

Rose ūüĆĻ

It is a classic flower that has been admired and loved for centuries. They have been given as gestures of love and devotion. Depending on the colour, different coloured roses have different meanings. But generally speaking, giving a rose conveys your love, admiration and gratitude for them.

Show your love and admiration for a loved one, send them a Tiny Bouquet of Roses that will last forever. 

Symbolises: Love, passion, beauty. 
Birth Month: June
Wedding Anniversary: 15th 

Cosmos ūüĆł

 tiny bouquet of cosmos flowersCosmos can represent balance, peace, love, and tranquillity, making them the perfect gift for someone moving into a new phase of their life, perhaps a new job or new home.The duality of the petals and their perfect symmetry symbolise balance.

Send a Cosmos Tiny Bouquet to your thoughtful friend who always keeps peace. 

Symbolises: Balance, peace, love and tranquility.
Birth Month: October
Wedding Anniversary: 2nd 




Send your loved ones the cutest bunch of flowers, check out all our Tiny Bouquets:

rose dahlia and cosmos mini metal bouquets

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