Check out our trade-show booth!

Check out our trade-show booth!

What do you think of our booth?

⁠Super fun and cute isn't it?

We used a lovely peachy paint for a pop of colour in our wiggly wall, and turned our packaging decorations into large vinyl shapes to decorate the lower walls. So fun we will not be opening a shop anytime soon. 😅

We're back from a week in Atlanta after taking part in trade-show. ⁠

Those of you who have done trade shows know how tiring they can be! 
Special thanks to Sylvie at for being a brilliant show hand, helping with the set up, coffee runs, plant styling, taking sales and everything else!  


We also met friends, old and new. Shout out to and Paperdreams for being fabulous booth neighbours and Taran for being queen organiser.⁠ 

another studio trade show

We’re super pleased to have met some amazing new stockists that will be offering our current and new designs in their stores come Autumn. 

If you look close, you may be able to spot the new things yet to be released! Watch this space! 👀🙌⁠

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