Discover the Joy of Herbs: Embrace the Magic of Lovage

Discover the Joy of Herbs: Embrace the Magic of Lovage

Discover the Joy of Herbs: Embrace the Magic of Lovage

It’s that time of year when my Herb garden is flourishing and I’m reaping the rewards; the nasturtiums are in full bright bloom, basil leaves are offering mouth watering flavours and the fragrance from the lavender is a delight.
aimee's nasturtiums
As usual, the mint is overtaking everything so the fresh leaves are into every drink going, tea, cordial and cocktails on repeat!

There's one exceptional herb that I’m obsessed with which I feel deserves special attention; lovage.

What’s not to love about lovage? 

 aimee's lovage plant in her garden

Discovering Lovage, A Hidden Gem

I first heard about Lovage from a fancy restaurant, you know the kind of places that do a herb emulsion (which is surely another way of saying herb juice right?). A few weeks later I found a little pot of lovage at the local garden centre and my love for lovage was born.

Lovage has lush foliage with flat dark leaves similar to celery and parsley. It’s flavour is unique, aromatic and quite intense - a bit like celery and with a hint of curry.

cooking with lovage

What I love about lovage is that it’s super versatile. Adding chopped lovage leaves to soups, salads, fish or eggs give your dishes a quick and refreshing twist. You can also infuse the leaves to make teas, herbaceous cocktails….and let’s not forget about the ‘lovage emulsion’ to really raise your culinary game. 

lovage care card page

It also offers numerous health benefits, such as aiding digestion and providing essential vitamins and minerals.

You can discover more about the joy of growing and using a wide range of herbs in our Care Card gift, packed full of advice and tips on who to grow happy healthy herbs. 

herb care cards snapshot of contents

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