Cute Fruit: Behind the design

Cute Fruit: Behind the design

How we designed our Cute Fruit decorations 

We've made animals decorations for your plants, mini models for your plants, flowers for your plants, and mushrooms for your plants, so of course it made perfect sense to make fruit for your plants!

Cute Fruit is our new, latest decoration for your houseplants. We created two fun and fresh sets: the Red set with cherry, pomegranate, strawberries and the Yellow set with lemon, grapes and bananas

Read on to learn how we made the marvelous medley of fruit! 

Picking the fruit

Being plant decorating aficionados, we had a good idea in mind of what fruit we wanted for the next houseplant accessories. 

It had to have a distinct shape, easy to recognise when hanging from your plants. 

Taking inspiration from fruits in our own lives from holidays, visiting botanical gardens or fruit we’ve grown ourselves. 

our photos of fruit, grapes, strawberry, lemon and vines
We started with bananas, cherry and lemon, later adding pomegranate, strawberries, grapes, pear and dragon fruit into the mix.

After testing all our samples, and making sure they hang nicely from your plants, we whittled the fruits down to 2 jucy sets of three decorations. A red set and a yellow set.... yes grapes can be yellow, we checked! The yellow variety of grape is called Himrod.

Creating the textures in the Cute Fruit decorations:

Designed in Adobe Illustrator, our favourite digital drawing software, we used different shapes, drawing techniques and brushes to create the distinct textures in our fruit decorations. vector textures of another studio

Each tropical trinket has its own unique texture, giving every piece its own character. It's a challenge creating texture in our metal products, but we think we’ve done a pretty good job!

lemon fruit decoration

Lemon decoration
Lemon - dots, dots and more dots! Our lovely lemon was the first piece we drew up. It's an obvious shape (at least we think so!) in which we decorated the skin with dots for the oil glands and to create lowlights.


grapes cute fruit decorationgrape decoration

Grapes - For this bold bunch of grapes we used flowing and undulating lines to highlight, well, the highlights! We also added a final touch of a curled tendril, which really adds to the ‘cute’, don't ya think?

 banana cute fruit decorationbanana decoration
Banana - a modest bunch of three bananas, we used stripes to highlight the facets of each banana. The stripes also reflect the texture of the veins in banana leaves so it was perfect!

What do you think of the Cute Fruit decorations? 
stanley sausage dog with lemon fruit decoration 


Turn your houseplant jungle into a mini orchard with our cute fruit decorations:

Shop the Yellow trio: lemon, banana, grapes 🍌🍇🍋

Shop the Red trio: Cherry, Pomegranate, Strawberry 🍓🍅🍒


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