It's Stanley's birthday!

It's Stanley's birthday!

Today, we celebrate Stanley's birthday!

Welcome, dog lovers, to a heartwarming celebration filled with wagging tails and endless joy! Today, we gather around to honour a special furry friend who has captured our hearts with his adorable antics and unwavering loyalty. 
This charismatic sausage dog has brought endless laughter and love into our world, reminding us of the profound impact our beloved pets have on our lives. 
Get ready to celebrate our loyal companion, a cherished family member, and an embodiment of the boundless happiness that dogs bring into our lives.

And if you don't know who Stanley is, take a seat, and let us tell you about this cheeky boy in the best blog you will ever read....if you're just here for puppy pics, scroll to the end.

So, Let's raise our paws in celebration of Stanley the Sausage Dog and his birthday!

Stanley at Another Studio 

Stanley, with his long, low-slung body and soulful eyes, has become an integral part of our lives at Another Studio. Stanley is special to all of us for a variety of reasons, in short, here is what each of us lovesabout him:

The side look, the paws, when he is affectionate - I love when he comes to say good-bye in the evening.

My favourite thing is when he forces his way under the duvet for snuggles. (My worst is trying to get him to walk anywhere he doesn't want to go)

I love giving him foot rubs, his eyebrows, the wide eyes & head tilt when he wants something ūü•ļ

When he ‚Äėboops‚Äô you with his nose under the table for [more] attention, and his tiny little eyebrows and tiny little feets.¬†

Aimee (aka mum) 
I love how clever he is - he knows how to get what he wants by working his cheeky and cute charm.

Stanley's role at Another Studio

In short, he is our company mascot, diva and delight. But Stanley wears many hats here at another studio……  


Pick and pack helper


Serial napper 





Guard dog



Support pet

Employee of the month, every month.

Recently we have being playing around with Chat GPT. We asked it to write a story about Stanley’s impact at Another Studio, and this is what it produced:

"Stanley, the lovable sausage dog, brought boundless joy to everyone at Another Studio, a giftware company in Deptford. His short legs, long body, and wagging tail endeared him to all who encountered him. From the moment he wiggled his way through the studio doors, he became the unofficial mascot, spreading warmth and cheer.

Each morning, Stanley's arrival was met with delighted cheers and enthusiastic greetings. The employees would pause their work, bending down to shower him with affectionate pats and scratches behind his floppy ears. Stanley revelled in the attention, his eyes shining with contentment.

Throughout the day, Stanley's presence had a magical effect on the bustling workplace. He would weave between desks, wagging his tail and melting hearts. Whether snuggling up beside someone's feet during a meeting or offering comforting cuddles during stressful moments, Stanley's love knew no bounds. He reminded the employees to find joy in the simplest of things and to appreciate the beauty of the present moment.

As time passed, Stanley became an integral part of Another Studio's identity. His lovable nature attracted customers and visitors, who couldn't resist his charms. Trade shows and exhibitions became opportunities for Stanley to shine, drawing crowds of admirers who flocked to the booth not just for the giftware, but also for a chance to meet the charismatic sausage dog.

Stanley's presence, alive and well, continues to fill Another Studio with love and happiness. His wagging tail remains a symbol of joy, reminding everyone to embrace the simple pleasures of life. The studio thrives, not only because of their beautifully crafted products but also because of the enduring legacy of Stanley, the sausage dog who captured their hearts and continues to bring smiles to their faces every day."

….we couldn't have written put it better ourselves!


Do you want to see puppy pics of Stan?



So cute isn't he?

If you have come to the end of this blog and and want a little bit more of Stanley in your life, you can get him in Plant Animal form! 

You can also join us on instagram as he makes regular features, follow us at: anotherstudio_

 Another Studio x

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