Cute Halloween decor

Cute Halloween decor

Spooky decorations for house plants this Halloween!

With Halloween creeping upon us, we've selected our creepiest (but still cute) plant decorations to use or gift during the spooky season that last and last.


Bat Plant Animal 

bat halloween decoration for plants
A quintessential creature of Halloween, the Bat Plant Animal is a super easy way to decorate house plants. With a simple bend of its legs, the Bat hooks onto plants, stems - where you wish! 
View the Bat 🦇


Luna Moth Plant Animal 

luna moth halloween decoration for plants
She is beauty, she is grace, she will frighten you if she flies into you face! - Dont worry, Plant Animals cant actually fly. Hook the Luna Moth onto your houseplants for a cute yet potentially spooky display. 
View the Moth 🦋


Owl Plant Animal 

owl decoration for halloween
Have a hoot this halloween with the Owl Plant Animal. Bend the legs around the branch of a plant to attach. 
View the Owl 🦉



Snake Plant Animal

snake halloween decoration
Ssssssuper sssssspooky, the Snake Plant Animal slides onto houseplants or leaves. 
View Snake 🐍




Mantis Plant Animal

insect halloween decoration
They're called Creepy-Crawlies for a reason! The Mantis Plant Animal is a fun way to decorate house plants. The legs clip onto plant stems. The 'creepiest' of our insects, check them all out 
View all insects 🐛




Mini Mushrooms

Mushroom halloween decorations
Create a spook-tacular scene amongst your plants with Mini Mushrooms!
Available in Steel or Brass.
View Mini Mushrooms 🍄



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