Our Favourite Podcasts

Our Favourite Podcasts

Here at Another Studio, we’ve been big Podcast listeners for many years now. It all started when I first listened to Serial, the breakthrough podcast from This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. If you are new to the podcast world and haven’t listened to this (where have you been?!) I suggest you start here as you’ll be hooked! There are now three seasons of investigative journalism into three true stories. It’s brilliantly addictive.

There are thousands of podcasts out there but it’s still sometimes difficult to find something good to listen to. My top tip for finding the next best listen is to follow the podcast producer. My Favourites are The Wondery, Gimlet Media and NPR.

Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite podcasts - we’d love to know yours too!


News, Politics, Current Affairs

The Journal - Every weekday, reporting on one current affairs topic each day.

No Such Thing as Fish - Comedy chat discussing latest news and current affairs.

Putin: Prisoner of Power - Interesting podcast about the rise of president Putin.

Thoughtful, Lifestyle

TED Talks Daily - Thought provoking ideas on a range of subjects.

Next Big Idea - New ideas that could change how we live.

Reply All - Human stories about life in the internet age.

The Tim Ferris Show - Weekly episodes interviewing big thinkers and deconstructing ideas.

Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill – Fearless reporting and incisive commentary on global issues.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day – Interviewees explores what their failures have taught them about how to succeed more.


Arts, Culture, Comedy

Guilty Feminist - Weekly comedy chat podcast with female guest, covering a range of topics.

The Adam Buxton Podcast - British comedian chats with interesting people.

Off Menu - Comedy chat with Ed Gamble, James Acaster and guests.

David Tennant does a podcast with... Interviews with actors, actresses and performers.

Beef and Dairy network - Dry British humour, unusual podcast (episodes with Eli Roberts are hilarious.)

Clever - Podcast all about design and designers.

Smy Goodness - How food, history and art intersect (from my good friend Emmerline Smy.)

A Table for Three – Three commentators on all things lifestyle, culture, music and more in urban London.

True Crime, Investigative Journalism

Serial - Investigative Journalism about true lives.

The Drop Out - An unbelievable story about the deception of Elizabeth Holmes.

Who the Hell is Hamish - The rise and fall of a con artist.

The Missing Cryptoqueen - Fascinating investigation about a crypto currency scam.

Undisclosed - Investigating wrongful convictions.

The Shrink Next Door - True story about a therapist's psychological manipulation.

Gladiator - The rise and fall of American football star, Aaron Hernandez.

Fake Heiress - How Ann Delvey conned New York high society that she was a multi-millionaire heiress.

West Cork - An Irish true crime murder mystery.

The Dark Web - Documentary about the invisible internet.

In the Dark - Unsolved murder mysteries.



We Crashed - Documenting the rise and fall of We Work.

HBR Podcast - Weekly podcast from leading thinkers in business.

How I built this - Guy Raz finds out the highs and lows of famous businesses and entrepreneurs.

Start Up - A show about what it’s really like to start and run a business.

Design Better Podcast - Insights from design leaders.


Drama, Stories

Homecoming - Thriller story with David Schwimmer.


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