It's our 10th Anniversary!

It's our 10th Anniversary!

In celebration of this 10-year anniversary our founder, Aimée Furnival, reflects on the inspirations behind Another Studio and her achievements over the last 10 years. 


Tell us what inspired the inception of AS?

I always wanted to be a designer-maker. During my BA degree I specialised in ceramics but it’s not the easiest practice to start up as you need a studio and kiln at the very least. So, I starting designing product ideas in my spare time within the constraints of a dining room table and laptop. From a young age I always sent a lot of letters or bits of ‘treasure’ and postcards to my family and friends, so I wanted to concentrate on small gifts - easy to post but offering something more than a greeting card.

What’s been the biggest inspiration in designing the different collections?

A big inspiration for me has been London living. I’ve been fascinated with the city’s architecture, both the buildings and the lifestyle. For years I craved my own garden but my small flat offered only space for window boxes. Ever since I’ve been inspired by this theme of ‘city living’ and ‘indoor gardening’. Playing with scale is also really important and is seen throughout all the collections. 

Your biggest achievement of the last 10 years?

Believe it or not one of my first press features was a whole page in Elle Decoration! It happened within 6 months of launching my first product and I don’t really think I realised how big a deal that was at the time because I was so busy! Getting my own studio space at Cockpit Arts also felt like a big moment. I was familiar with the creative space since I was at university - it’s like a super professional art collage for businesses. I felt really grounded and I’ve met so many like-minded creatives here that have become really good friends. 

Tell us about some of the difficulties you’ve faced.

There have been some testing times and I can’t say every idea or decision has been the right one but I love doing this because you're constantly challenged and always learning. You juggle so much and wear so many hats that you become part of your business, it’s a lifestyle and much more than job.

Favourite piece you’ve designed?

Hands down Plantini - a miniature plant house kit. It was a collaboration with model maker Franki Finch and is a stunning piece. We’ve discontinued the model now but will always be proud of this one.

Favourite piece from the current online products?

Plant Animals - flying squirrel. He’s just ridiculous in such a good way.


Something that people might not know about Another Studio?  

I always have at least 15 product ideas waiting to come to fruition. We’ve designed & produced nearly 200 different products! Many are exclusive commissions and some have now been discontinued.

Where do you see Another Studio going in the next 10 years?

I love working in small team so have no plans to get much bigger, but I do intend for us to always bring our best and get better.


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