Welcome to our new studio!

Another Studio for design

Recently we celebrated a milestone achievement moving into a new, bright studio!

Another Studio started in Aimée's kitchen and gradually grew into larger and larger spaces throughout London.

We spent ten wonderful years at Cockpit studios, soaking up the creativity of the best makers in town...it was really hard to leave.

Luckily, we seem to have found our definitive spot to create next to Second Floor Studios and Arts. We are really excited to make new friends and get inspired!

To make the studio feel like home, we have filled it with plants (of course), hung special prints (of Stanley) and reserved a sunny spot for meetings, lunches and mindful moments! 

Do you like it? :)


New space, new products?

Definitely yes!

The new studio, located in the heart of Southeast London, inspires our designers and feels like the definitive place for us to grow our creativity!

Since we have moved in, over a month ago, we have already designed 20 new products from more plant animals to our first sewing kits!

What next?

Our new studio seems the right place to commit to a bright future!

Following our recent rebranding, our primary objective this year is to maintain our position as pioneers in the giftware industry and grow our community around fun and playful creations.

Keep an eye for the most innovative ideas!

AS team

another studio's beautiful faces





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