Meet the team - Jenn

Meet the team - Jenn


Meet Jenn!

Jenn is our delightful Senior Sales & Operations manager. She joined Another Studio earlier this year, and has since become a valuable member of our lovely little team of 6.

She works with our stockists to deliver amazing customer service, and is a first point of contact for new shops. If you receive a welcome note in your order, it’s handwritten with love by Jenn! 

Full of wisdom, kindness and passion, Jenn always brightens up the room! We sat down with her to learn a little more about her role, and what she likes to do in her spare time!

What is your favourite part of working here?

I love being in contact with our lovely stockists! They are always kind to us and there is a general good vibe that I can feel through our daily contact!

I also love being surrounded by plants and our own designs in the studio!

another studio team and houseplants


Why would a stockist need to get in touch with you?

If you are interested in our products and you are hesitant about stocking them, maybe because it seems hard work or you are unsure if they would be a good fit for your shop, feel free to drop me an email

I can give you all the info you need to feel that this is definitely the right choice! Our little critters [Plant Animals] definitely will bring joy to your shop :)

If you are already stocking us and you have a query or feedback you would like us to hear, I’m here to raise your voice and make your experience better!

Are there any stockists who really brighten your day?

They're all really nice, but Fabbit makes my work so much easier and is great to communicate with! Plus the photos they take of our products for their instagram are amazing! 

Do you have a favourite product?

I’m very persistent with my favourite product, I love the shape of the snake, and how stylish it looks on any leaf!

Also, I love any new herb bookmark, they are super sophisticated and subtle, it makes my reading experience even nicer! 

plant animal decoration snake


Now we asked Jenn about what she likes getting up to when shes not at Another Studio. 

What are you reading right now?

I like to read different books at the same time. Non fiction for my commute, generally books related to social causes (atm Why I am no longer speaking to white people about race by @renieddolodge and The second sex by Simone De Beauvoir), and some narrative before bed to switch off (To the lighthouse by Virginia Woof).

What picks you up on a bad day?

Sunlight, but generally if it is a bad day it means it’s grey! A pinkish sunset, a yoga stretch and learning a new life lesson!


What's your favourite thing to do in London?

I loooove getting lost in London and generally in non-touristy places (although a good stroll by the river at sunset...yes, please).

I love its markets, trying food from all over the world...we are so lucky! I also love to have found little tiny spots and restaurants that never disappoint.

I also like to get lost in museums and galleries, especially the Tate Modern. I love the space and whatever happens in it!

Finally, I love to attend events that would rarely happen anywhere else in the world! Recently I attended a recreation of the Northern Lights in Greenwich and it was just magical!


Whats your favourite plant?

Citrus plant reminds me of my childhood in Sicily, and my teenage years in Spain! I also love my Monstera for her kindness and generosity! This month she even grew a real mini mushroom!

Do you have a catchphrase or a saying? 

“Knowledge sets us free” I really believe it, try to read and learn something new when you are a bit down, it always works!

Is there a skill you think everyone should learn?

I think everyone should be curious about the world we live in, not just about skills but more about empathy.  We should all cohabit and should be making the world a better place, and this comes with an open mind which is nurtured by knowledge!


Which Plant Animal do you relate to the most? 

My friends would compare me to a meerkat, because I’m tall and sometimes I put my hands in the same position if I’m waiting for something. But I’d like to picture myself a bit more like a flamingo tbh…

plant animal decoration meerkat

And finally, what makes you smile? 

This is going to sound cheesy but it makes me smile when you see in someone else's eyes their pureness and sympathy. It also makes me smile when someone smiles at you in the street. 

A new leaf and a new book! A good coffee, probably at the moment I smell it I don’t smile because the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet! ;)


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