Meet the team - Amelia!

Meet the team - Amelia!



Meet Amelia!

Amelia is our Marketing Manager & Creative which normally means she would be writing this post, but she had to hand it over for us to write nice things about her!

Apart from looking after our lovely Instagram, she manages our website and all Another Studio Marketing campaigns! And if that wasn’t enough, she also works alongside Aimee designing lots of our recent products! 

She is passionate about animals & plants, which is really helpful when it comes to thinking about unusual Plant Animals (Anteater and Tamarin are her creation!). Her vice is insects which has been reflected in our lovely and cute Damselfly!

We sat down with her to learn a little more about her role, and what she likes to do in her spare time!

What is the favourite part of working at Another Studio? 

Well ofc I have to say Stanley, but also its such a nice team to work with. We’re all so diverse but so similar at the same time, I can have a nice chat with anyone about anything. It’s great! 

It’s also a really lovely, welcoming space to come into, I could never work in an office without colourful furniture or plants ever again! 

Amelia and Stanley

Plus, I love working with our 'plantfluencers' they're always so lovely to chat to and their passion for plants is admirable. Plus the photos they take just make my day... one of our influencers @plantstodo makes some incredible posts. 

plantstodo inatagram

What's something exciting you’ve worked on this year?

A new website! Our previous one was feeling outdated, and I wasn't happy with how it presented itself on mobile. So I set myself a little project late summer to find & build us a new site! Which is now live! 

What's your favourite product you’ve designed?

The Damselfly, I’m mad about insects, and the Mantis was lonely so it was obvious! It was also great seeing that people are really open to more insect Plant Animals…. I’ll certainly be trying to bring more into the collection. 

Are there any negatives to working here?

My plant addiction has grown… When I joined, I had probably 20 plants, and a year later I’m now at 60…. maybe more. Doesn't help that the Plant People comes to Deptford market each week. Their stall is full of great finds and bargains. 

What is your favourite Another Studio product?

Mini Mushrooms!!

Favourite office snack?

Cinnamon buns from Bread and Butler, honestly they are so good and have changed my life haha. You’ll always remember your first time eating one. 

Why would someone need to reach out to you? 

I’m all ears to press, influencers, stockists and customers! 

If a stockist wants to host a giveaway and they want some support from us, they can chat to me!

If you're from the press, a blogger etc, I can help you with product loans, images and more. Just get in touch with me here. If you’re a plantfluencer and love our products, get in touch through our instagram! 

Also, I love it when our customers tag us in their photos, I love seeing how they style their products and hearing any feedback they have. 

Now a bit about Amelia & what she does when she's not at Another Studio! 

What's your favourite thing to do in London?

I like a walk along the embankment on a sunny day, with a coffee or an ice cream. I love the London skyline, I love that my journey to work takes me over Blackfriars bridge, so I get to see the city each morning! 

Also wandering around places like Soho and finding great food and drinks, I recently stumbled across Ugly Dumpling - delicious! 

I love being able to pop into a museum or gallery on a wim. Also Kew Gardens, it's a trek to get to but always worth it. It's great to go at any time of year, there's always something you’ve never seen before. 

commute to work

What is your favourite plant?

I have a lot of solid favourite plants, but my obsessions change. Right now I’m obsessed with Dieffenbachia. I just think the pattern on their leaves is incredible, it looks like a digital glitch. They’re also super easy to look after - but they are toxic so just be careful if you have one.

amelias favourite plant

What’s your top pick on Spotify right now?

I’m into Slenderbodies and Crooked Colours, I’ve also been listening to lots of Funk / Soul playlists….great mood boosters. And Today in Focus, one of my go-to podcasts. Still sad Anushka has left.  

What are you into right now? 

I’ve recently started a sewing project of making my own clothes and accessories. Either from fabric I’ve designed or charity shop finds. It’s been challenging but also fun. I’m pleased I’ve pushed myself with these projects, but it has reminded me why I didn't pursue fashion as a career. And it’s been a nice little ego boost that the ladies in the studio have been wearing the scrunchies I’ve made them! 

Do you have a favourite animal? note Amelia is covered in animal tattoos!

Haha, this is too hard to answer. I can slightly narrow it down to families: reptiles, amphibians and entomology. 

Controversial statement? 

Liquorice is disgusting. 

Which Plant Animal do you relate to the most? 

Maybe the Chameleon, he’s got a bit of a grumpy face (as Chameleons do) and naturally I think I look quite grumpy even though I’m actually cheery on the inside. 

How do you like to wind down after a hard day? 

Yoga, I’ve only got into it this year, but it’s done wonders for me… stretching always feels good but yoga is like stretching all the right places in the right ways. My posture has drastically improved too. Also painting, I’m really into gouache and it’s been fun experimenting with it. 

Whats your party trick?

I can make a really convincing owl noise. My dad taught me a technique when I was a child, it always impresses people. Or annoys them. 

And finally, what makes you smile? 

When people talk to me about their passions and seeing their faces light up.

Seeing dogs on the train. 


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