Hanging plant pot kit - easy crafts in small spaces

Hanging plant pot kit - easy crafts in small spaces
As a child, some of my most cherished memories were in my Nana's sunny garden. Modest in size, the sunlit space was adorned with vibrant flowers, luscious ferns, and busy bees - it was a haven of tranquillity. But it wasn't just the beauty of the garden that captivated me, it was the creativity that flourished there, thanks to the encouragement of my beloved Nana and the easy craft kits she would have waiting for me and my brother.
She saw we thrived when given the freedom to explore our artistic abilities. Yet, she also wanted to keep her house free from the chaos that accompanied our crafting pursuits.
And so, the solution was simple: crafting in the great outdoors!

 summer garden with rupert the cat

Nana would equip us with a myriad of crafting supplies and transform her tiny foldaway garden table into our creative hub. Little did I realise at the time the benefits of spending time in nature and the positive effects on my mental and physical well-being.
Today, the memories of those sun-drenched days of fun crafting projects in her garden remained etched in my heart. They kindled a lifelong passion for crafting and a penchant for being in nature.
Sitting in my little London garden, at the very same tiny table that once stood as the centre of creativity in Nana’s garden, I embark on an easy crafting project under the sun.
hand sew plant pot craft kit - Another Studio
Join me (and Rupert the cat) in combining easy crafts with nature! Grab your Sew Your Own Hanging Plant Pot Kit, slap on some SPF, and find a comfy spot in the sun!

hand sew plant pot craft kit open - Another Studio
You will need:

Tip: You could use bobby pin hair grips if you don’t have pins.

hand sew plant pot craft kit inside - Another Studio
1.  I cut out the hanging plant pot pattern using scissors. Then I folded the felt in half, pinned the pattern to it, and cut the pot out using fabric scissors. 

hand sew plant pot craft kit making - Another Studio
2. Following the instructions, I stitched in some tailor tacks to mark the inner points of the darts.
Then aligned the dart edges on either side of the point I tailored tacked and pinned the fabric together, which makes this funky star shape!

hand sew plant pot craft kit cat checking - Another Studio
3. I folded and pinned each dart point to the sides of the pot, forming the main shape of the pot.
I checked the pot against the wooden ring, the pot circumference was a little bit too big so I re-pinned the darts to get a snug fit. I also got my sewing assistant Rupert to double-check. 

Tip: take your time with pining, it’s a fiddly step, but it’s really important to do before you start sewing the felt into place!

 hand sew plant pot craft kit measuring - Another Studio
4. Next I sewed the darts in place using a runner's stitch! The large sharp needle made easy work of piercing through the felt. 

hand sew plant pot craft kit attach the cord - Another Studio
5.  I then attached the three pieces of cord to the pot using a bar tack stitch.

6.  I sewed the wooden ring to the pot, threaded the cord around the ring, and tied all three ends of the cord together.

hand sew plant pot craft kit finished - Another Studio
8. Done!

Put in your favourite plant, and hang your plant pot in place in pride of place!

Tip: to make the hanging plant pot waterproof, place a plastic bag at the bottom! 


Get crafty in the sun with the Hanging Plant Pot complete kit, everything you need is in the box!

Or if you want an excuse to use your sewing maching, check out our Hanging Plant pot kit of 2. An excellent project to recycle old clothes and scrap fabrics! 


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