Green spaces in tiny places

Green spaces in tiny places

If you’re a frustrated gardener flicking through Pinterest looking at amazing green spaces but don't have any outdoor space of your own, fear not! There are many ways to create your own oasis in the limited space you have. Here are some ideas for creating green spaces in tiny places.

Outdoors: Balcony's and Boxes
Okay, a little obvious but if you’re lucky enough to have a nice sunny balcony, any amount of compact plants can be snuggled into attractive planters and will do very well. Just choose species that will thrive pending on how sunny or shaded your space is; plants that will flourish in full sunshine are Petunias, Fuchsias, Rosemary or salad leaves;  whilst Impatiens, Aspidistra, Ferns and Ivies are good options for shaded spaces. Checkout Balcony Garden’s website for some ideas or City Planter for more plant suggestions.


Window sill gardens
A sunny window sill is the perfect location for all sorts of micro gardens. Creating a herb garden is a brilliant choice (practical as well as pretty!) or pansies and marigolds are very easy and decorative in the summer and will brighten up any window frame.  Check out the Garden Master Class blog for all the practical tips you need.

Beautiful window box displays


Best Bathroom Plants
There’s nothing better then a little (or a lot) of greenery in a bathroom to bring a calming feel but not every type of plant is suitable to grow (I've made this mistake!) in the humid and damp environment. The best plants to opt for are Peace Lily's, Ivies, Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Boston Ferns and Spider Plants. Many of these require infrequent watering as they will absorb much of what they need from the air. Find out more info at Apartment Therapy or at RHS

Best plants for creating jungle bathroom


Desk top gardening
Corners of desks and coffee tables can become home to the most miniature of gardens and make a real feature. There are many brilliant design objects available which incorporate plants and will bring style and green into your space.

First up is my all time favourite design (above) Domsai by Matteo Cibic. The range features various helmet headed, long legged beauties which house and display a mini cactus. I first bought one of these pieces about 7 years ago and it still brings a smile to my face on seeing it.

Fun indoor garden sculptures


Another ceramic based design I particularly like is Ienami, an elegant architectural model complete with rooftop garden. It is made by Japanese brand Metaphys - definitely check out their other designs if you like this

Amazing desktop garden ideas


On a practical note, cactus and succulents are an easy go to as they they need a little watering and easy to look after. And guess what, our brass pineapple pot  perfectly fits a mini cactus or succulent! Easy to look after and super stylish.

Best practical plants of office


Gift some inspiration

Inspired? Why not encourage friends and family to take up the challenge of gardening in a small space with our fun and attractive Matchcarden an easy way to get anyone gardening in the tiniest spaces of all!

Fun growing garden ideas for the office

Alternatively, our little take on Kew Gardens in the form of a Plantini planthouse is a great option for propagating your own seedlings (and to be honest, if your less green fingered, looks stylish enough in its own right without any plants!).

plant decorations for the office

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