Customised Bookmarks

Cool Customised Bookmarks for corporate gifts

Alongside creating our own designs, we work with clients and customers around the world to create personalised products, often to give as unique gifts, as promotional merchandise or send as event invitations. Over the years, our bespoke bookmark sets have been a favourite option as they offer 3-4 page markers - all of which can be exclusive designs. So you could have a logo featured alongside other icons or images specific to your brand.

Customised Corporate gift ideas

We can generally create any image or object into a bookmark (although, long slim images are not very suitable as they tend to bend and not be very practical!). Each set of bookmarks are set onto custom printed packaging which can include logo's, text and anything else to ensure the item is looking on point and on brand.


customised corporate gift ides


We have a wealth of experience in delivering projects - just take a look at more designs we have produced for clients here. If you'd like to discuss creating your own unique gift, them please get in touch by email.


Unique corporate and promotional gift ideas



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