Etsy Finalist!

Etsy Finalist!


We're delighted to announce we reached the final of the first global Etsy Design Awards! We entered our little Plant Animals and are super happy to hear they were selected as a finalist in the Inventive Decor category.

Etsy is the leading marketplace designers, makers....actually all types of creative people selling their work direct to the end customer. It's a great platform with a lovely seller community and the nicest customers. We have been selling on here since 2015 and have received 550+ five star reviews and shipped over 4000 orders to date.


I was asked to do a radio interview in the UK so here's the Q&A.

Describe you products
The designs entered for the Etsies are our Plant Animals - miniature brass animals which attach to your houseplants. Think of them as little pets for your plants!

What made you decide to start the company?
Ten years ago I felt there was a gap in the market  for fun, well designed gifts that you could easily send in the post. I wanted to create something unique you could pick up for under £10, designs that were really different, looked great, made people smile but were contemporary and not tacky.

What difficulties did you face?
Lots, but that’s part of the challenge! There are constantly problems to solve and things to better. Balancing my work load can always struggle, particularly making time for the creative side whilst taking part in trade shows, managing production and planning marketing campaigns. The last few years have been much easier as I now have a great team around me.

How have companies like Etsy helped you grow your business?
So important to reaching to the end consumer who value original unique designs. We have a 5* review rating from our Etsy customers which has really helped gain a level of trust to new customers.

What does it mean to you to be a finalist in the Etsy Design Awards?
The fact this is a global award is huge! It’s a massive stamp of approval and great opportunity for me to celebrate how far the company has come. 



And the Grand Prize Winner is..........

Sian Zeng Wallpaper

The best bit about the Etsy Design Awards is that Sian Zeng (my studio neighbour) was crowned the global 2019 winner! Her Magnetic Wallpaper won the Grand Prize and I couldn't be happier that it went to such a creative hard working friend. Check out the amazing brand she has created at



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