Stickers & Sticky notes - Behind the design

Stickers & Sticky notes - Behind the design


Botanical sticky notes & sticker sheets - behind the design


We wanted to expand our stationery offering and paper goods felt like a logical next step. Ephemera is one of our inspirations after all!

Most of our illustrations get developed into metal products, so it was nice to re-use our drawings and give them a different type of life. It also brings our other products together, making a more succinct collection. 

The stickers allowed us to be even more playful with our designs by incorporating our brand colours and charming elements. It was a super fun project and quicker to turn around than expected! 

Sample testing - insect stickers will be coming out next year! 


As you can see a few have been placed around our studio.

Our final sticker sheets are Leaves and Mushrooms. We will be bringing out more sticker sheets next year! Watch this space. 


Farewell to the garshis yellow sticky notes...

Since moving studios in spring this year, we’ve spent a lot of time making our space comfortable and welcoming. Using those bright yellow sticky notes looked really out of place against the lovely aesthetic of the studio.

So, we got our creative hats on and chose some of our favourite illustrations - taken from our bookmarks, care cards and prints, and turned them into beautifully practical sticky notes for the plant and mushroom obsessed. 

botanical sticky notes and sticker sheets in mushroom and monstera shape

At 80 gms, the sticky notes are nice to write on. They also allow you to really show off your passion for the botanicals.

We like designing products that we would use ourselves, so our sticky notes and stickers really do come from a place of passion!

Are you obsessed with mushrooms like us? Well, now you can bring that obsession into your home and office with mushroom sticky notes, sticker sheets, bookmarks and even decor. So cute.

View the collection of sticky notes & stickers 


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