Petite Plant-Themed Gifts

Petite Plant-Themed Gifts


Plant Animals

Sloth plant animal

Dress up your plants with these adorable accessories. Plant Animals are a range of cute creatures to bring your indoor jungle to life. Style and decorate your plants to create a mini menagerie in your home.

There are ten animals to treasure and collect, each made out of etched metal and full of character to animate your plants: choose from the Orangutan, Sloth, Chameleon, Koala, Bush Baby, Frog, Panda, Monkey, Raccoon and Flying Squirrel.


Plant Awards

Plant award gifts

Celebrate every step in your planting achievements with these playful brass rosettes. Plant Awards bring character to your green gang whilst recognising your skills in plant care. From the excitement of  new leaf sprouting to the relief that your plant is still alive, mark every small change that your plant takes, even the surprises.

Decorate their leaves and pots with these miniature metal awards and maybe your other plants will start behaving too!

Pick the perfect award for your plant from our six designs, each etched in metal with a beautiful gold string for attachment: Still Alive, Dream Plant, Surviving, Thriving, New Leaf, Plant Goals.


Beautiful Birds

Brass bird mobile

Style up your houseplants with a touch of elegance. Our Brass Bird perches with grace in this perfectly rounded decoration, with a gold string to suspend between your favourite leaves. Arrives flat and only needs a simple fold to assemble.


Plant Bookmarks

Plant lovers bookmarks

Mark your latest read with these beautifully etched metal markers. Our Plant Bookmarks bring a tropical touch, their tumbling leaves indicating exactly where you left off. Simply hang from the top of your page so when you come back to your book, you can dive straight back in. Inspired by real-life plants and made from stainless steel, choose yours from our Trandescantia or Golden Pothos Bookmark.


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