Winter Plant Care Tips!

Winter Plant Care Tips!


It’s jumper season! But plants can't just throw on a baggy jumper and woolly socks, so how are you keeping your plants happy in the cold?  Here are our top tips to keep indoor and outdoor plants happy and warm over winter. 


Indoor Plants

Heat versus humidity 

Turning the heating up during the colder months can reduce humidity levels which a lot of plants won’t appreciate! To add moisture back into your room try some, or all, of the following: Air dry your washing indoors, group plants together, mist regularly or place a tray or dish of pebbles half-filled with water underneath your plant. Failing that, a sure win is to use a humidifier. 

New home in the sun 

In December we get less than 8 hours of sunlight a day *laughter from Australia* so it’s important to maximise the amount of sunlight your plants receive. Move them to a west or south-facing window, but not so close they get a draft. 

Winter cleaning

Give your plants a clean, removing any dust that has accumulated on their leaves - this will allow them to soak up more sunshine. 

Relocate and rehydrate

Move your plants away from any radiators as they won’t like the dry hot air. Plants need a lot less water in the winter as their growth slows down (some even going completely dormant) but they will still need a little drink. Check the soil and look at plant leaves. Droopy stems or curling leaves often indicates they are thirsty, whilst yellow leaves are a sign they’re had too much to drink.


If you’re like us and have a few too many plants to keep track of, use our Brass Plant flags as reminders for your winter care tips. 

Another Studio Plant Flags



Outdoor Plants

Ditch the dish

Remove your plant pots from their saucers. This will provide better drainage and means they’re not sitting in water, which could freeze and damage the roots and even the pot.



Use pot feet, bricks or wood blocks to raise your pots a few centimetres off the ground, allowing water to easily drain before it becomes too cold or even freezing.


Head for the wall

Move vulnerable plants against a wall of your house, this will provide some shelter.

Mulch Mulch Mulch

For an extra layer of insulation, add a coarse mulch to the top of you pots and flowerbeds. Mulch is also excellent at keeping weeds away! 

Wrap them up 

If you’re in an area prone to abrupt temperature changes, frost and snow, use bubble wrap, horticultural fleece or hessian fabric to tightly wrap up your pots. 

Go Green

If you’re lucky enough to have a greenhouse, obvious advice but use it! If you don’t have a greenhouse, there are plenty of affordable PVC options you can easily order online. They’ll also be perfect in the spring for planting seeds and keeping them safe from birds & squirrels.


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