Plant Awards - Behind the design

Plant Awards - Behind the design

Plant Awards

Being a plant owner, the journey is so often full of joy. Seeing our plants grow and flourish, with new leaves unfurling, flowers blooming, and even fenestrations FINALLY coming through on your monstera! But with all this delight, there are also times of distress and defeat….

We’ve all had an experience of buying or being gifted a plant only for it to progressively look worse for wear as the weeks go on……watching it cling to life but ultimately wither away, gradually shedding its leaves until one day there are no more….. 

A moment of silence to all those loved and lost plants.

Then, there are the plants that are super easy, the no-fuss beauties that effortlessly brighten up a corner of the room with little attention or care. 

least fussy plant award pothos

There are others that bounce back from near death and leave you feeling like you’ve saved it, what a miracle, what a plant genius you are!!

And we have the drama queens - the high maintenance type. When they are on form they are amazing, and when they are unhappy you are going to know about it. We’re looking at you Calathea, hypoestes phyllostachya, and fittonia.

plant award drama queen
It’s all these different personalities which give another element to the life of the plant, and what better way to celebrate them than to hand out the awards for both their and OUR planting achievements! Well done us!

This is how the idea of Plant Awards came to life, wanting to honour all the plants' characters however cheerful or despondent, or downright fussy foliages they can be.

We have two new plant award sets:

The Humble & Hopeful set features
I’m Trying, Still Alive, Least Fussy
A set for the determined and hard-working houseplants.


The Demanding & Dramatic set features:
I’m a Survivor, Send Help, Drama Queen
For the houseplants requiring the most attention and care.



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