Lignum Fold: Wood Objects

walnut wood pen pot

This year we've been experimenting with a new material, which has resulted in a brand new collection called Lignum Fold.

I started to the project to explore a way to work with wood, the most ancient of materials, in a new and modern way. Each of the objects are produced using a simple palette of geometric shapes, which are applied to a flat sheet of wood and then scored, folded and formed into shape. I particularly enjoy this challenging origami style approach as it gives a sense of mystery about how each object is constructed.

Contemporary wood desk objects and tidies

The new collection includes Pen Pots that are formed from American walnut, steamed Beech or Cherry, each lined with GF Smith colour plan card and completed with a solid wood base to give added strength. Priced at £19 each these small pots make great gifts and will bring calm and order to your desk.

Wood pen pot holder

Completing the range there are two decorative tabletop pieces, a Medium Dish and Small bowl. Formed by intricate folding patterns they require four different processes over several days to create each final piece. The elegant vessels can be used to house jewellery, stationery sundries or simply used as ornamental objects to adorn your tables and desks.

handmade wood bowls


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