5 House Plants Care Tips!

5 House Plants Care Tips!

Five tips to keep your house plants thriving in a heatwave!

There is no running away from the heat this week.

Finally here’s the moment we’ve been asking for. Putting that summer outfit on and getting our toes out… and of course, complain unceasingly about it being too hot.

But how are your plants doing in the heat? We’ve got 5 easy tips to keep them happy and thriving.


Spray, spray, spray
Make sure to mist the leaves to maintain good humidity.

Do the finger test
Check your plant moisture levels more often than you would normally do. When it’s particularly hot, some plants watering needs will have changed.

Mind the gap
A space between the soil and the side of the pot is a good indicator your plant is thirsty.

No soggy bottoms
Your plants will enjoy a nice bath, but remember to allow them to drain thoroughly after.

Nobody likes sunburn
It might be a good idea to your plants out of intense direct sunlight


Lastly, do reward them for their (your) hard work! Whether they are just about surviving, thriving nicely, or being an absolute dream plant, shower them with praise!

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