Botanical Art Prints ~ it's all in the details

Metallic embossed prints

We're excited to launch our new collection of four botanical prints that pay homage to the most dreamy houseplants - the ones on every plant lover’s wish list right now!

Each plant-themed artwork has been hand printed with a touch of luxury, using metallic foils that catch the light beautifully to accentuate the modern and illustrative, leafy forms. Pressed embossing and debossing elements on the designs create texture and depth to make dazzling prints.

Behind every design is many months of product development, from initial sketches to creating samples, researching techniques and testing new methods. There's many decisions to think through and make - it's all in the details.


The printing process

We wanted to explore the speciality printing techniques found on book covers and luxury packaging; beautiful metallic foils, elegant embossing and deep debossing. 

These techniques aren’t commonly used on prints you hang on your wall because it’s a more expensive and time consuming process than standard litho digital prints. 

We had so much fun creating a new range of prints that offered something different form the norm. 


The paper

Hand printed in the UK onto a high-quality card with a luxurious feel, it’s the just-right white: Fedrigoni Freelife Centro is 100% recycled card and extra white rough, 350gsm.

Given the considerable amount of recycled content within the product, it is normal for there to be a slight variation in the shade and occasional small residues from the recycling process.


The foils

Printed in the UK with metallic foils on 100% recycled paperboard. Hot stamp foiling provides a durable, high quality finish. The foiling and paper are both compostable and biodegradable.


The mount

The picture mount is the precisely bevelled border that helps focus your eye on the artwork - an important element that elevates each print whilst providing protection and support. The colour of card was key, we opted for a bespoke cut mount in just the right-white with a slightly textured finish.

The size of each print is 5x7 inches (13 x 18cm), small enough to post whilst large enough to stand out, and enjoying the added benefit of fitting standard size photo frames.

All the prints are available framed or unframed.

Discover the collection here.

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