Bauhaus Design Stencil

Bauhaus drawing template stencil

Meet our new Bauhaus Design Stencil. Produced in a thick matt brass, the drawing template depicts the iconic styles from the Bauhaus movement; simply forms, geometric abstraction and balanced proportions. 

Bauhaus graphics and inspiration

Like many design students, I remember learning of the Bauhaus movement and being inspired by its revolutionary approach.

The Bauhaus was a German Art school which unified fine art, craft and technology. It was founded by architect Walter Gropius 1919 whose vision was to reunite the applied arts and manufacturing to arrive at high-end functional products with artistic merit. The schools teaching method carried the idea of a community of artists working together across all mediums of design; architecture, graphics, product, performing arts, applied arts and fine art.

The school operated until 1933 and had a major impact on art trends in Europe, United States and Canada for decades to come. Teachers and students of the Bauhaus faculty included artists Wassily Kandinsky, Josef Albers and Paul Klee,  graphic designer Herbert Bayer, architects Walter Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and designers Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Marcel Breuer.

Today, the Bauhaus style is one of the most influential movements in art, design, architecture and education.

Bauhaus products and gift ideas

This new design joins our existing range of Design Stencils which celebrate the artistic movements of Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts. See all designs in the stationery section of out shop!

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