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Plant Animals

Create your own mini menagerie with our best selling collection! Plant Animals are fun decorations for all types of houseplants. These cute creatures hug the plant stems, clip onto the leaves or stand in the soil.
Designs available: Orangutan, Chameleon, Sloth, Bush Baby, Koala, Tree Frog, Spider Monkey, Raccoon, Flying Squirrel, Meerkat, Pangolin, Snake, Praying Mantis, Fruit Bat, Squirrel, Fox, Owl, Parrot, Chimpanzee, Lemur, Damselfly and Flying Lizard.
Unit price £2.45 ~ Pack of 10

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Plant Animal POS

Present your Plant Animals with our countertop point of sale. The printed foamed backdrop is durable, lightweight and reusable. Complete with an environmentally friendly cork base. Each base has two slots to display the Plant Animals.
Backdrop designs available: Sloth and Chameleon
Unit price £5 or free with an order of 70pcs+ Plant Animals

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Houseplant Care Cards

The ultimate guide to growing happy plants! Houseplant Care Cards are a boxed gift set containing 35 cards packed full of advice and tips for botanical success indoors.
Learn the basics from watering to repotting or swot up on more advanced care advice for specific plants.
Unit price £5.40 ~ Pack of 6

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Herb Care Cards

An essential guide to growing happy healthy herbs! This boxed set contains 35 cards full of practical tips on how to grow, maintain, preserve and use a variety of herbs. Learn when to propagate, harvest, prune, and how to treat common pests and problems.
Also find suggestions about foods to pair with each herb - delicious!
Unit price £5.40 ~ Pack of 6

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Brass Blooms

Botanical ornaments that are always in bloom! This etched brass wildflower set features a bright and bold Corn Marigold, a feathery delicate Nigella, the romantic Forget Me Not, and a wild Cornflower. Place them in plant pots or terrariums to create your very own year-round indoor meadow.
Designs available: Wildflowers and Garden
Unit price £5.40 ~ Pack of 6

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Mini Mushrooms

Mini Mushrooms are fun decorative ornaments for your plants! Create a mini woodland scene with this fabulous set of brass fungi. Included in the set is Fly Agaric, Enoki, Ink caps and Chanterelle.These sweet little mushrooms are perfect for placing in your plant pots or terrarium to create your very own whimsical wonderland.
Designs available: Brass or Stainless Steel
Unit price: Silver £4.15 / Brass £4.55 ~ Pack of 6

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Leaf Bookmarks

Organise your files and tag your pages with our stylish Leaf Bookmarks. Featuring four unique leaves: Variegated alocasia, Peperomia argyreia, Caladium bicolour and the Begonia maculata, simply slide them onto a page.
Designs available: Brass and Stainless Steel
Unit price: Silver £3.95 / Brass £4.35 ~ Pack of 6

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Bookmark Sets

No boring bookmarks here! Discover our range of bookmark sets with four unique page markers in each pack. Etched in stainless steel they simply clip onto your page or file. Each set include 4 fun facts on the back of the packaging.
Designs available: Houseplants, Winged Insects, and Tropical Birds.
Unit price £3.30 ~ Pack of 10

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Design Stencils

Create beautiful stationery with our art inspired Designs Stencils. Made from thick metal with a matt gold finish, each drawing template includes motifs and patterns from world renowned art movements.
Designs available: Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Bauhaus.
Unit price £5.30 ~ Pack of 6

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Mini Models

Our range of miniature objects are ideal for livening up any desk, shelf or terrarium. They make a fun and playful gift, perfect for model makers and sending in the post.
Designs available: House, Castle, Balloon, Crown, Helicopter, Submarine, Car, Cocktail, Boat, Globe and Ferris Wheel.
Unit price £4.15 ~ Pack of 6

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Hanging Bookmarks

Inspired by the plants hanging from our studio celling, these Plant Bookmarks bring a tropical touch to your page, with their tumbling leaves indicating exactly where you left off. Etched in stainless steel, they simply hang flat from the top of your page.
Designs available: Tradescantia and Golden Pothos.
Unit price £2.90 ~ Pack of 10

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Brass Bird Decoration

Our Brass Bird perches with grace in this perfectly rounded decoration. Packed flat with gold string for suspending, the bird simply folds together to create an elegant hanging decoration. Display from your plants, hang from your shelf, curtain rail or suspend from your celling.
Unit price £3.70 ~ Pack of 6

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Plant Flags

Decorative labels for your indoor plants. Beautifully etched in brass, there are three uniquely designed flags in the set, complete with wire posts and reusable labels that stand neatly in your plant pots. Use the preprinted labels or create your own. Plant Flags are ideal for reminders, care tips, plant identification and more!
Unit price £3.70 ~ Pack of 6

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Plant Awards

Celebrate every step of your planting achievements with these playful brass rosettes, from the excitement of a new leaf sprouting to the relief that your plant is still alive. Etched in metal with unique details for each rosette, and includes a gold string.
Designs available:Dream Plant, Surviving, Thriving, New Leaf, and Plant Goals.
Unit price £1.65 ~ Pack of 10

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Tiny Trophies

Celebratory miniatures for everyday occasions. Tiny Trophies are joyful little gifts to celebrate people’s positive qualities. Fun and playful, they are easy to assemble and make perfect gifts to send in the post.
Designs available: Wonder Woman, My Superhero, All Round Entertainer, Utterly Gorgeous, and Most Thoughtful.
Unit price £1.60 ~ Pack of 10





Our prints are printed in London, and feature beautifully detailed coloured illustrations. The perfect gift for a botanical enthusiasts and a dream shopping list for any plant lover. Printed on A3 matte heavyweight paper, and packed in a biodegradable clear film with a hardboard back.
Designs available: Houseplants and Herbs
Unit price £7.45 ~ Pack of 4




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