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The Agoraphobic Traveller

Google Street view portraits

I'm sharing my current obsession, a feed on Instagram that I am in love with. It's by a day called Jacqui Kenny whose account name is The Agoraphobic Traveller. She has lived with severe anxiety for over 20years and was diagnosed with agoraphobia, a fear of being in public open spaces or crowded places. It can result in feeling incredible trapped, making daily simply tasks very challenging.

She decided to travel in the comfort and safety of her home by looking through Google Maps, visiting places all over the world and encountering new sights and culture as she journeyed through places from Mexico to Mongolia.  Jenny took thousands of screenshots of the places she saw and has beautifully curated them in a stunning feed on her instagram account. 

Agoraphobic Traveller

The Agoraphobic Traveller

I was lucky to hear about a project she did with Google where some of the images were for sale in limited edition prints and bought several which hang proudly on the walls. Take a look at her work, it's beautifully inspiring and shows that creativity can be found everywhere!

The Agoraphobic Traveller

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