Wholesale Catalogue

Pineapple Plant Pots | £10 each (£11.65 with plant) | £28 RRP

Contents: Brass plated pineapple pot (with or without plant)
Materials: Brass plated Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions: 80 x 65 x 65mm
Packaging Dimensions: 75 x 130 x 130mm                                                                
Product Weight: 30g (70g with plant)

A mini brass plated pineapple plant pot. The body of the plant pot is formed from a single sheet of etched metal which we fold into shape by hand in our London studio to create a multi faceted design.

Available with or without a succulent or cactus.

Mini-onaires| £3.75 each | £9 RRP

Pack Size: 6 pieces per design
Contents: metal model, instructions
Materials: coated stainless steel, paper
Product Dimensions: varying
Packaging Dimensions: 105 x 105mm
Product Weight: 10g

Feel like a mini millionaire with this tiny object of desire.
Simply fold the metal into a house shape with the step by step assembly instructions included.

Available in 11 designs.

Wooden Pencil Pots | £8.35 each | £20 RRP

Contents: Wooden pencil pot
Materials: Wood veneer, fabric, mdf
Product Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 100mm
Packaging Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 100mm                                                                
Product Weight: 40g

Made by hand in our London studio, these pencil pots are formed from real wood veneer with an inner fabric lining. Each piece has a solid wood base to give added strength and a natural uncoated finish to give a soft harmonious aesthetic.  Packaged in an attractive kraft box.

Please ask for available options.


Design Stencils | £5.20 each | £12.50 RRP

Pack Size: 6 pieces per design
Contents: Design Stencil, instructions, pattern suggestions
Materials: Brass, paper
Product Dimensions: 200 x 85mm
Packaging Dimensions: 225 x 160mm                                                                 
Product Weight: 67g

Create your own beautiful invitations, greeting cards and stationery using these brass drawing stencils, inspired by three distinctive eras in design. 

Available in 3 designs.

MONUmini | £6.65 each | £15.95 RRP

Pack Size: 6 pieces per design
Contents: Metal model, instructions, building history
Materials: Stainless steel, paper
Product Dimensions: Varying
Packaging Dimensions: C5 160 x 229mm
Product Weight: 100g

MONUmini is an iconic architectural memento. It's a perfect souvenir or a fun gift for any design enthusiast.

An attractive envelope contains the metal etched model kit, a short building history and step-by-step assembly instructions.

Available in 10 designs.

Plantini | £10.40 each | £25 RRP

Pack Size: 6 pieces
Contents: Instructions, flat pack metal planthouse kit, planting pot, compressed compost, viola seeds
Materials: Paper, FSC cardboard, stainless steel, biodegradable bamboo and rice hull dish
Product Dimensions: 85 x 55 x 90mm
Packaging Dimensions: 140 x 145 x 20mm
Product Weight: 65g

Plantini is an elegant model plant-house kit.

The kit contains a beautiful metal plant-house, step-by-step instructions, seeds, a growing medium and a planting pot.

Simply construct the plant-house and sow the seedlings to bring a little botanical beauty to your tabletop.

TinyTRANSPORT | £4.35 each | £10.50 RRP

Pack Size: 6 pieces
Contents: London bus model , instructions
Materials: Stainless Steel, paper
Product Dimensions: 70 x 35 x 20mm
Packaging Dimensions: 210 x 120mm
Product Weight: 22g

TinyTRANSPORT is stainless steel model kit of London's iconic bus. Measuring just 3.5cm tall it’s 125 times smaller than the real vehicle! Simply follow the step by step assembly instructions inside to create your mini desktop souvenir. 

Metal Bookmarks | £2.90 each | £6.95 RRP

Pack Size: 6 pieces per design
Contents: Bookmark Clips
Materials: Stainless Steel, paper
Packaging Dimensions: 148 x 105mm
Product Weight: 10g

Beautifully etched little stainless steel bookmarks. 

Available in 7 designs. 

Convert Vase

Contents: Stainless steel vase, plastic container
Materials: Stainless steel | Ti plated plastic, cardboard

Product Dimensions:
Small 140 x 65mm | Medium 220 x 65mm | Large 300 x 80mm

Packaging Dimensions:
Small 150 x 95 x 95mm | Medium 260 x 95 x 95mm | Large 310 x 95 x 95mm

Product Weight:
Small 180g | Medium 200g | Large 350g

Small steel         £12.50 each | RRP £30
Small copper    £17.50 each | RRP £42
Med steel           £17.50 each | RRP £42
Large steel        £20.00 each | RRP £48
Large copper    £24.60 each | RRP £60

Inspired by architectural structures and building facades, The Convert Vase's are made from flat stainless steel sheets that has been folded and converted into shape by hand in our London studio. All pieces have a matt silver or copper colour finish.

Each supplied with a plastic container inside the vases to hold water and flowers.

PostCarden | £3.20 each | £63.80 display pack of 20 | £7.65 RRP

Pack Size: 20 piece display pack
Contents: MatchCarden model, instructions, waterproof tray, blotting paper, cress seeds
Materials: Paper, FSC cardboard, APET tray
Packaging Dimensions (each piece): 155 x 95 x 18mm
Packaging Dimensions (display pack): 190 x 190 x 160mm
Product Weight (each piece): 50g
Packaging Weight (display pack): 1000g

Combining gift and greeting card, PostCarden is a miniature garden you can send in the post!

PostCarden is easy to grow and enjoyable for all ages all year round. It's unique packaging contains the cardboard scene, inner growing tray, packet of cress seeds and step-by-step growing instructions.

Featured on one side is an exclusive illustration and the other side has a postcard-style space for the recipient's address and sender's greeting.

MatchCarden | £1.65 each | £49.50 display pack of 30 | £3.95 RRP

Pack Size: 30 piece display pack
Contents: MatchCarden model , instructions, waterproof tray, blotting paper, cress seeds
Materials: Paper, FSC cardboard, APET tray
Packaging Dimensions (each piece): 150 x 70 x 15mm
Packaging Dimensions (display pack): 220 x 220 x 90mm
Product Weight (each piece): 32g
Packaging Weight (display pack): 1000g

Matchcarden is a tiny house complete with its own little garden.

Each building contains an enclosed garden with waterproof tray, blotting paper, cress seeds and instructions. Customisations are also included, add chimneys, roofs and weather vanes - style the building to your taste!

Available in 3 sets.

United Kingdom: minimum order £100 | free delivery on orders £150+ 

Rest of World: minimum order £100 | delivery charges based on order size, please email for shipping quote

Contact: sales@another-studio.com for more information