Questions about our growing kits


How long before my garden grows?
All you need is water, light and bit of love to grow your cress garden. In a few days your seeds should start to sprout and within a week the cress should be growing well. With careful watering the cress should keep and grow for two-three weeks.

When can you send or use it?
You can send and grow your growing kit all year round.

Do the seeds have a shelf life?
The lifespan of the cress seeds are approximately one - two years .

Can you eat the cress?
Yes absolutely. The cress is edible, and also nutritious!

Help! My seeds aren't growing!
It’s most important to ensure the seeds are kept moist at all times. The first few days of growing are very important and the seeds do not like to dry out (so be careful when placing them in direct sunlight all day). If you have over watered your garden  the seeds will struggle to root into the paper - carefully tip an excess water out.

Can this be recycled?
Yes. The inner tray will need to be removed first (check with your local authority to see facilities for recycling APET plastic in your area). The paper board can be recycled - or better still composted. 

What type of postage does it require?
Postage within the United Kingdom requires a large letter stamp.

Questions about our model kits


Are the kits difficult to assemble?
All the kits include step by step illustrations of how to construct your model. If you take your time and read the instructions in order the models are easy to construct (nimble fingers do help!).

How long do they take to construct?
On average 30 - 60 minutes

The metal sheet looks scratched? 
If your metal kits arrives looking scratched make sure you have remembered to peel back the clear plastic film. The metal should be clean and unmarked underneath.

I’ve lost my instructions!
Don't worry. Simply send us an email and we'll send you another set by post or a pdf copy that you can download.

Are you designing new models?
Yes! We’re always working on new models to bring into the MONUmini range. Join our mailing list to be the first to hear of new models, or get in touch with us to make a suggestion for new buildings.

What type of postage does it require?
Postage within the UK requires two x 1st class stamps. Postage to all other European Union countries can be sent via airmail.