Matchcarden - the making

Here are some photo’s of the production process to help show what goes into making one of our products. From finalising the artwork, it takes about four weeks, five factories and at least twenty people to produce a finished piece (despite them being mini things!)

The mammoth printing press (some 20 metres long)

Our good man Terry with the tooling (we think he’s the best packaging engineer around).

Patching up by Steve to ensure the machine cutting is level.

The die cutting machine feeding in sheets to be cut and stamped out.

Once die-cut, each piece is hand prepped for glueing. Then it’s packed up and delivered to our warehouse in Leicester where all the components are hand assembled into the final piece.

Meet some of the team - Peter, Lorraine and Luke (a family unit working in the same factory).

Posted on May 29, 2013 .