February 2010 // Give the Gift of a PostCarden Garden

PostCarden is a delightful new product designed to bring the joy of gardening to your home or work.

Combining gift and greeting card, PostCarden is a fun and simple way to grow a mini-garden on your desktop, windowsill or sideboard. Send a friend or loved one PostCarden and introduce them to the life-enhancing ritual of caring for a plant. You don’t need a degree in horticulture to cultivate PostCarden’s easy-grow cress seeds - the simple pleasure and pride of guiding your garden from germination to growth is educating, engrossing and entertaining. 
PostCarden comes on three different designs. Escape to the sanctuary of your Allotment; experience the grandeur of a Botanical garden; or brighten up a drab City landscape. Each setting also comes with a specially commissioned illustration by an inspiring selection of young artists.

Each PostCarden set contains the cardboard scene, inner growing tray, packet of cress seeds and step-by-step growing instructions. The contents come neatly contained in PostCarden’s unique packaging, featuring the exclusive illustration on one side and a postcard-style space for the recipient’s address and sender’s greeting. Sending PostCarden to a loved one in the UK only requires a regular large letter stamp. 

PostCarden is designed and produced by Another Studio For Design, a London-based company with an enthusiasm for creating unique gifts for thoughtful givers. Looking to open up the world of design to a wider audience, Another Studio For Design produce well crafted and reasonably priced design items for everyone.

PostCarden is printed in Wales and uses locally sourced cress seeds and inner-packaging material.

Posted on February 14, 2010 .