NEW - London Icons, mini insects and mini safari animals


After the success of our miniature city skyline bookmarks, we thought we would have a go at capturing some of the famous designs and everyday objects that make London, London. 

One thing we love about each new project is that it gives us the opportunity to learn about something new - this time we were amazed by the unusual history and design process behind some of the 'ordinary' things we see everyday, The Pillar Box, famous red Telephone Box, London's Black Cabs and the iconic Routemaster Bus. 

After many intricate drawing and insect research, our brand new set of tiny insects are ready! Decorate your book pages with a tiny piece of nature - well, inspired by nature.
Made from stainless steel, each little insect is the same size (1:1 scale) as its living counterpart. We have captured the minute details on the insect wings with our metal etching process.

Add our new safari animals to your favourite book pages and create a tiny savannah scene. The tiny zebra, elephant and giraffe in the set are beautifully etched in stainless steel and make a perfect treat from animal fans. Incredibly each bookmark animal is 100 times small than the real life animal!

Each set includes four adorable stainless steel bookmarks.

Available here for £6.95

Posted on May 29, 2015 .