Inspired creative ideas


We're Another Studio, a boutique London design company enthusiastic about creating unique charming products.

Aimée Furnival set up the studio in 2009 with the aim to produce beautifully designed, stylish gift and homeware products. Each range we design offer’s something original and unexpected, be it pop-up growing kits, three dimensional stationery, architectural model kits or hand folded steel vases.

Our approach to design is thoughtful and experimental. We play, develop and refine ideas into a product until we feel it's intriguing and different enough to make the cut (which inevitable this means we have many projects on the go!). Inspiration is drawn from architecture, cities, ephemera, botanics, historic styles and fabrication.

As well as producing our own collections, we work internationally with museums, creative brands and marketing teams in designing bespoke retail and promotional products.

There are plenty more designs in the pipeline and we're always open to new ideas and opportunities so please do get in touch or follow our news section, twitter or facebook.