Hello! We're Another Studio, an independent London based company who are enthusiastic about creating unique charming products. We like to think of them as ‘gifts for thoughtful givers’.

Inspired creative ideas

We're excited and inspired by all sorts but have a particular interest in architecture, city living, ephemera, keepsakes, geometry, botany, origami…..and anything miniature!

The ideas for our products develop over time and adapt many times during the design process. We don't tend to have a 'eureka' moment where an idea for a finished product is suddenly realised. Instead we surround ourselves and collect the things we love and question the things that we don't. From here we take a spark of an idea and continue to develop designs until it's exactly to how we want it - something that we would buy and want.

The craftsmanship of each product is very important and we work closely with some very talented designers, Illustrators, engineers, manufacturers and creatives.

There are plenty more designs in the pipeline and we're always open to new ideas and opportunities so do keep in touch and follow our news section, twitter or facebook.